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Elbow Cay is a beautiful, tranquil retreat, a place to get away from the rest of the world and relax, but the area surrounding Elbow Cay is full of fun and adventure not to be missed. Below are just a few activities and places of interest in the surrounding area, accessible by rental boat or the ferry.

Visit Marsh Harbour and try Mangoes for a nice Restaurant, and tell the bartender Peter we said hi. You can also visit Harriett at Curly Tails by the ferry dock. Wally's is a great place for a more upscale meal, and Snappa's and Mangoes are good for cocktails or more casual dining. You can also stock up at Bristol's Liquor Store on your way back to the ferry.

Also check out:
Cracker P's Bar & Grill - Located a short boat ride away on Lubbers Quarters.
Pete's Pub - Located a little farther south in Little Harbour, Abaco.
Nipper's Bar and Grill - Located on Guana Cay, home of the famous Sunday Pig Roast.
Abaco Island Pharmacy

Boating - The Sea of Abaco is one of the safest cruising grounds in the world, ranging from 1.5 miles to over 5 miles in width, this shallow, reef-and-cay sheltered body of water assures calm, safe, obstacle free cruising. Here even novice boaters can comfortably navigate the waters for a day of shopping, or to one of our many deserted beaches for a little peace and solitude.
Waterways Boat Rentals - Located on Man O War Cay, the next cay north, free delivery of your rental boat.
Island Marine Boat Rentals - Located just minutes away on Parrot Cay, free delivery of your rental boat.
Sea Horse Boat Rentals - Located just minutes away on Parrot Cay, free delivery of your rental boat.
Rainbow Boat Rentals
Abaco Dorado Boat Rentals

American Eagle -Via Miami US# 800-433-7300 / Local 367-2231
Bahamasair - W. Palm Beach, all Out Islands & Miami via Nassau US# 800-222-4262 / Local 377-8451
Cherokee Air Charters - 367-2089
Continental Gulfstream - via Lauderdale, Miami, West Palm US# 800-525-0280 / Local 367-3415

The Cruisers Net - Broadcast every morning at 8:15 a.m. on VHF channel 68, The Net will keep you informed with the world news headlines, local news, weather, restaurant menus for the day, community announcements, arrivals and departures, with a little humor thrown in.

Fowl Cay Underwater Park - Fowl Cay Preserve lies between the north end of Man-0-War Cay and the southern tip of Scotland Cay. A short boat trip can take you to this shallow, protected reef where both novice as well as experienced divers and snorkelers can enjoy an afternoon swim. Lying in just 18 feet of water, there is no current inside, and the reef is spectacular.

Man O War Sail Shop - This quality shop that turns out a number of classic, canvas items, including hats and bags perfect for sunny days relaxing on the beach or boating around the Cays. An assortment of jackets, purses and other items in bright colors are also stitched on site by the dedicated seamstresses of this fine shop.

Email us for details : [email protected]