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Upon arriving in Hope Town, you'll get the sense of a world where time has stood still, and certainly one that moves at a much slower pace. The architecture is straight from Cape Cod, or a small New England fishing village of years gone bye. The narrow concrete roads in town are limited to foot traffic only, and most anything you want or need is just a short, relaxing walk away. Walking to the many nearby waterfront eateries and pubs is fun, and gives you a chance to mix in with the other travelers and local residents. Here you will soon realize there is no place on earth where the local residents are as warm and friendly.

Conveniently located on Gillem Street, or the "the Upper Road", Blue Heaven is just a few steps from the Hope Town Harbour Lodge, and the Reef Bar and Grill where you'll find 'Gary' behind the bar most days for lunch and libations. In the evening, Ray's Place Martini and Cigar Bar is the hub of activity and fine dining in town, with dishes prepared by 'Chef Pherrol' by reservation only.

Be sure to rent a golf cart or boat to run down island to 'Sea Spray's Boat House Restaurant' and 'Abaco Inn' for a great ride and meal! While on the south end of the island, leave time to visit Tahiti Beach, just a short walk past Sea Spray Marina. If you're traveling by boat, from there it's a quick ride across to Lubber's Quarters and Cracker P's for lunch or cocktails.